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Surf HeroSurf Hero

Surfing, Kitesurfing, Windsurfing and Stand Up Paddleboarding have two things in common. Yes, of course they’re all done on a surf style board, but they’re also all solo sports. Whether you’re in the water on your own or surrounded by 100 others competing for the next wave, when you catch it you’re on your own.

This is the reason everyone needs a GoPro HD Surf Hero. Your solo moments can now be shared and in better quality than ever: High Definition.  By sticking a circular five-inch adhesive mount to your board and attaching a small, waterproof camera you can share your best waves with your friends and family. Don’t forget about the scenery, wildlife and your best falls…because they too will all be recorded.

The GoPro HD Hero is a revolutionary camera. Not only does it record five different qualities of video including the stunning 1080p resolution, it also takes stills that last a lifetime. With four different photo modes to choose from, you’ll never miss a shot again. All of these stills were shot using the HD Hero and the quality prevails!

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The Surf Hero sits on the front of your board where it doesn’t interfere and the adhesive mount is strong enough that even the biggest wave can’t remove the camera from your board. With a back-up leash attached to the camera at all times, all you’ll have to worry about is catching the next wave with as much style as you can.

Surf Hero

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