Top 4 Reasons Not To Make Your Own Helmet Cam

helmet cam

Found the photo above on the interwebs.

When will people ever learn not to make their own helmet cams?
Yes, it’s laughably ugly but more seriously here are 4 good reasons why you should not make your own helmet cam besides looking like a dork wearing one.

1) Drilling holes in your helmet weakens the structural integrity of the helmet. The reason you use a helmet in the first place is to protect your melon. Wearing this is taking chances with your life if you ever get into an accident.

2) Screw up by drilling in the wrong place? Whoops, there goes the helmet; can’t return it now. The warranty is void.

3) Consumer or even prosumer digital cameras are not meant for shooting point of view action sports, their plastic casings will disintegrate into tiny plastic shrapnel when dropped. We’ve seen it. Take into account most of these cameras are not weatherproof or shock proof. Chances are you are going to find yourself with a dead camera if you end up in the rain or the bike trail turns out to be bumpier than you imagined.

4) No ultra wide angle. Most consumer digital cameras only provide a 65 to 75 degree angle of view at their widest. To capture more of the scene and provide a real immersive video with a sense of speed you need a much wider lens. POV cameras come with anywhere from 90 to 170 degree angles of view. This extra angle puts the viewer right “in the action”, something missing from the regular cameras.

Point and shoot cameras have their place at parties, portrait shoots or still scenery shots. They don’t belong on the helmet of a motocross bike going 50 miles an hour along a mud splattering trail in pouring rain.

Those elements are best left to the special features unique to point of view cameras.

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