UK Police Fight Crime With Helmet Cams?

helmet cam

Social misconduct is a subject of any neighborhood.  Many parents and concerned citizens are concerned about neighborhood safety and the conduct of their youth.  Numerous programs have been devised and put into action throughout the world to help keep neighborhoods safe and youth under control, but now in the UK, police are using a different method to keep the streets safe and happy.  Members of the Blackwood Neighbourhood Police Team are now fighting crime, and social misfits, with bikes and helmet cams.  The police are patrolling the streets armed with helmets – both for their physical safety and to capture necessary footage.  The police are using the cameras to capture acts of what the police consider to be anti-social behavior.  Conduct unbecoming of the citizens of this neighborhood can now be captured and documented by the local police.  The police are even using the footage in some cases to show parents proof of their children’s misconduct.  The helmet cameras are a new commodity in the police world.  Normally used for outdoor recreational activities, the Blackwood Neighbourhood Police force is using this fascinating technology in new and interesting ways.  These cameras are not a permanent fixture in the police force, yet.  The police have said that they are just testing the new technology.

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