Under Water Camera Buying Guide

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I found a nice underwater camera synopsis on the different brands including the Liquid Image we sell along with some great buying tips! Here’s a preview..

How To Shop for Underwater Cameras
“Extreme photography and underwater photos are great … as long as your digital camera is useable underwater. If you aren’t sure whether your camera is rated as waterproof, read the user manual or visit the manufacturer’s Web site. Ignoring the user manual and testing the digital camera in a full bathtub to determine whether it is waterproof is not recommended.

If you’d like to take these types of photos, you’ll either need an underwater digital camera, as specified by the manufacturer, or you’ll need to purchase an underwater housing for your digital camera”.

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By feather flags
24 07 2011 at 09:32 PM

underwater cameras are really very costly, so they muct be handled with extreme care. Also buying one, is a great task. Thanks for the post. It helps to understand the camera even more.