Vievu Wearable Digital Camera First Look, A Hands Free Version Of The Flip

helmet cam

Most wearable video camera casings make it pretty obvious you are wearing a camera, they look like cameras or have an obvious video lens attached. Not the Vievu wearable video cam. This camera is the size of a pager (remember those?) and you clip it to the front of your shirt or jacket. It’s very unobtrusive and nobody knew I was wearing a camera when I tested it during shopping and at a coffee shop.

I’ll post a video sample here eventually. The video I shot was in daylight and the colors were vivid and sharp.

One of the markets the Vievu serves is the for use by security and law enforcement wishing to capture their daily events or protect themselves from liability. The other uses are more personal. Recording family picnics or parties seem like logical uses. Imagine it as a Flip camera you don’t have to hold in your hand and even easier to use. There is a single large record on/off button that also covers the lens when not in use. That’s it!

Vievu makes two units the Vievu PVR-PRO and the Vievu PVR-PRO 2.

The unit I reviewed and in the photo is the Vievu PVR-PRO.
It has:

  * 1 hour of recording
  * 1 GB memory
  * Waterproof housing

helmet cam

The pro unit has better low light capability and 4gb memory for 4x recording time.

The PVR-PRO goes for $299. We’ll have more coming soon.

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