Need Waterproof? You Can Get There With A Helmet Camera

helmet cam

When I was younger I used to see people floating around in the ocean with those waterproof disposable cameras.  They would dive under a wave and snap a picture.  I always wondered how those pictures turned out.  And, part of me wanted to take their camera and take pictures of the action I experienced riding a wave.  However, I could not ride a wave and take pictures at the same time.  So, I always gave up on that option.  Today however, a lot of bikers have been capturing their experiences with the use of helmet cameras or pov cameras.  Are those cameras safe for water sports?  And, what happens if they get wet?

A lot of helmet cameras today are made to be waterproof.  These helmet cameras are very popular among surfers and kayakers.  The great thing about the camera on the helmet is that it is usually waterproof for approximately 3 meters deep.  So, if a wave smashes you, it probably will not break. 

Additionally, the cameras are made to be shock-resistant.  Many people are using them today to capture their point of view while on the water.  They are easy to operate and fun.  Try using one today.  You will not regret it!

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