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Memory Card Selection Guide

Wondering what memory card you need for your POV camera?

We put together this memory selection guide to help you select the appropriate memory card for your helmet camera or any other wearable action camera.

Camera brand
Memory format
Contour MicroSD Contour (VholdR): up to 2GB
ContourHD*/ContourHD 1080p: up to 32GB
ContourROAM: up to 32GB
ContourGPS: up to 32GB
Contour+: up to 32GB
GoPro SD/SDHC Standard HERO: up to 2GB
Wide HERO: up to 8GB *with firmware update
HD HERO: up to 32GB
VIO SD/SDHC POV.1: up to 2GB
POV.T: up to 8GB
POV.1.5: up to 8GB *with firmware update
POV.HD: 4GB to 32GB
Liquid Image MicroSD 302: up to 2GB
310/311/312/313/335: up to 16GB
HD320/321/322/323: up to 32GB
Drift Innovation SD/SDHC HD170 / X170: up to 16GB
HD170 Stealth: up to 32GB
MicroSD HD: up to 32GB
gobandit SD/SDHC up to 32GB
Hoyt Tech SD/SDHC HCR-100X: up to 8GB *with 1.20.06HF firmware update
MSR-200: up to 32GB
Oregon Scientific SD ATC2K: up to 2GB
ATC3K/ATC5K: up to 4GB
MicroSD ATC9K: up to 32GB
Camball MicroSD SG-20/SG-21: up to 8GB
SG-30/SG-31: up to 16GB

All of the memory cards we carry have been fully tested to work with the POV cameras we sell and will guarantee top performance for your point of view camera system.

*Please Note: If your ContourHD (1200) camera beeps 3 times and does not power on while using a MaxFlash 8GB MicroSD card, you can complete the Firmware Upgrade (Version 1.34) to resolve this issue.

To make video transfer fast and efficient we recommend the multi purpose memory card reader. Simply plug it into the USB port to transfer video clips directly to your PC or MAC computer.

Want to watch your videos on the road? This Portable Media Player from ViewSonic lets you watch footage from your wearable action cameras to make sure you are getting the perfect shots you always dreamed off.

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