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Contour+ Camera Review

This is a preliminary review of the upcoming Contour+ based on the information we have now. We will be updating this page as we get the latest specs and details so check back often.

Have you been wondering what the upcoming version of the Contour action cam will bring?

Contour+ Contour Plus Camera

Wait no more...

Contour has announced the newest Contour+ or Plus. Preliminary fuzzy pictures show the same case as the last couple of Contour helmet cams but the guts have been improved to greater user experience for example included bluetooth along with a broader angle camera lens.

Contour+ is Contour's answer to user demands for a modern action cameras. The lack of a viewfinder and less than ideal sound had been issues often brought up by their clients. It appears Contour has listened and came up with solutions to those difficulties.

What's the Plus in Contour+?

Here is just a taste of what new functions the Contour Plus will have that differentiate it from the earlier versions:

  • HDMI port
  • Increased viewing angle from 135 degrees to 170 degrees
  • Built in Bluetooth
  • Built in GPS
  • Microphone Input

Improved Sound and External Microphone

Better sound, which is what many Contour camera lovers have been demanding. Contour finally has a answer to improve the tinny sounding mike in prior Contours by incorporating a connector for an exterior mic inside the Contour+. Now users can have the option to record better sound straight from their videos with out having to clean it up afterwards in post.

HDMI Output

HDMI output is now becoming a common feature among portable video cameras. Contour's new Plus adds this useful feature to the vidcam without changing the familiar case that the Contour is known for. Placed just above the memory card is a handy HDMI socket that allows you to easily connect your camera to an HDMI compatible television or pc for quick previews of your latest video clips right after filming a wild adventure.

iPhone As Your Viewfinder

An LCD viewfinder is one of the most demanded features of the Contour cameras. With the Contour +, the camera firm has finally addressed users' demands for a quality viewfinder. Unlike other helmet camera manufacturers' solutions, Contour has come up with a clever solution giving it the best LCD viewfinder of any action camera available. Incorporating a Bluetooth radio inside the already diminutive case, the Contour+ uses your iPhone as an LCD viewfinder via a totally free iPhone app (soon for Android).

Wider Camera Angle In Contour+

Action videographers want a very wide angle lens to make sure they capture all of the action and draw the audience into the scene for a far more immersive experience. The Contour+ or Plus ups the previous camera's 135° camera angle to a wider 170°, matching the wideness of its biggest competitors.

We'll be receiving our first demo later this May and Contour estimates that the Contour+ will coming out sometime in June. Just in time for the outdoor sports season.

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