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Contour Canada is a well known and quality producer of point of view cameras and camera accessories for action and adrenaline sport videography. We have the largest selection of Contour cameras in Canada. We offer the extremely popular ContourROAM helmet camera. For people who want to access location data Contour offers the ContourGPS with built in GPS and optional Bluetooth technology with the Contour Connect View. Contour's latest cameras include the ContourROAM with built in battery and one button operation and the Contour+ featuring built in GPS and Bluetooth technology, wider 170 degree field of view, HDMI output and microphone input. This makes the Contour+ the ultimate, full featured sports camera.

See what our customers are saying about Contour cameras.

For in depth product details, check out our ContourROAM, Contour GPS and Contour+ reviews.

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The orginal Contour camera began as the brainchild of two business grads from the University of Washington. Both being avid skiers, they were in the market for a camera that could capture their point of view as they tore down the mountain, but at that time, 2003, such cameras didn’t really exist, aside from duct taping the camera to helmet. So, in an effort to provide action sports enthusiasts with an outlet to capture their crazy thrills, bails and triumphant moments, Contour introduced one of the worlds first helmet cameras. It changed everything.

As time went on, Contour released a number of new products, including the award winning ContourHD and Contour GPS helmets cameras, which set the bar yet again. These models offer the convenience of one button recording, all wrapped up in a small, lightweight, rough and tumble body. Contour cameras has provided the action sports community with POV cameras that can hold their own in unforgiving environments... a claim that can't be made by conventional camcorders.

Contour, always the innovator recently introduced the Contour Connect View Viewfinder app for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android smartphones. This bluetooth card and free viewfinder app combo provides the Contour GPS with video preview and camera control options right from the smartphone you already own! With is low cost card and free software, you immediately have the largest and best LCD viewfinder of any helmet camera on the market.

But Contour didn't stop there... they've also produced a huge range of point of view camera mounts that lock perfectly with their patented TRail mounting system, enabling users to get the most of their sport of choice. Whether you surf, bike, climb, skydive, fly, scuba or race motocross, Contour has you covered - and when you're done shooting, you can join the Contour Community and share your videos with the world.

Join the growing community of adventure sports enthusiasts who are mapping the world through their point of view with a Contour camera. Share your amazing adventures in the wildest locations from around the world. We are passionate about adventure sports, discovering new amazing locations and sharing our adventures with the world, so grab a Contour and discover the excitement of making your own point of view action videos.

Capture your most amazing adventures from all corners of the globe and show everyone your point of view. With a Contour camera on your side, you'll capture all the of the fluid, buttery smooth HD action, so you can relive every breathtaking moment again and again.

We are the largest Contour camera supplier in Canada. You can even visit our Vancouver, BC office (9am to 4pm Mon-Fri) where we have stock and demo units of all the Contour cameras.

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