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ContourHD 1080p Action Camera

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The ContourHD 1080p is Vholdr's flagship action camera. Introduced within months of their groundbreaking Contourhd, this new camera boosts the resolution up to the super sharp, HD 1080p format, the world's first helmet camera to do so.

Externally, the ContourHD 1080p looks almost identical to the ContourHD, the only difference being the label markings. The major difference is in the sensor where the Contour hd 1080p excels over the regular Contourhd camera with higher HD resolutions in both 960p and 1080p for the sharpest and smoothest videos.

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Contourhd 1080p is for the user who wants the absolute best in video quality with more adjustable options and have the hardware to handle 1080p video editing.

Wisely sticking with the award winning design of the original VholdR, the Contour hd 1080p incorporates the same tough aluminum housing, weatherproof seals and an ultrawide 135 degree angle lens that can tackle harsh sports environments while providing an "in the action" viewpoint.

Only the Contourhd 1080p can make Blu-Ray player ready videos and resolution good enough for the best HDTVs.

With the Contourhd 1080p you can create your own action videos with the ultimate action camera for the best video and maximum customizability.

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