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ContourHD Firmware Upgrade

Firmware Version: 1.34 (03/10/10)

The following firmware upgrade enables you to change the video and audio settings on your ContourHD camera, improves compatibility with select 8Gb microSD cards (including MaxFlash), and fixes performance problems in cold conditions. With this firmware, you will be able to configure the video (bitrate), lighting (contrast, exposure, sharpness, and metering), and microphone sensitivity. You can use the latest version of the Easy Edit Software to configure these camera settings.

NOTE: This firmware upgrade is NOT for the ContourHD1080p. The firmware upgrade is for the ContourHD Camera only (Model # 1200). The features included with this upgrade are already available on the ContourHD1080p Camera so no firmware upgrade is required for the 1080p model.

ContourHD Firmware Upgrade Instructions

Follow These Instructions Carefully: Before you begin to upgrade your firmware please understand that if you do not follow the directions carefully there is a chance you can kill your camera. If you have any questions or need additional support please don’t hesitate to contact us.

PART 1: Download/Copy Firmware Upgrade to MicroSD Card

  1. Insert a formatted MicroSD memory card into your camera. See # 16 on the ContourHD FAQ page on how to formate your card.
  2. Ensure your battery is fully charged and then turn on your camera.
  3. Connect your camera to your computer via a USB cable.
  4. Download firmware version 1.34
  5. Unzip the file and then copy the "salix.hd30.bin" file into the root directory of the SD card.
  6. Eject/remove your camera from your computer and disconnect the USB cable.

PART 2: Upgrade Your Firmware

Important: During the Firware Upgrade, it is critical that the camera does not lose power and the SD card is not removed. If either of these happens during the upgrade, the camer will be inoperable. Ensure your Camera has a fully charged battery and do NOT shake the camera or lay it down during the upgrade. Sudden movement with the back door open can cause the battery to momentarily lose contact.
  1. With the door open, press the small square power button once (located between the SD card and battery slots) to turn the camera on.
    vholdr contourhd firmware upgrade 1.34 power on
  2. While the Firmware is upgrading, the lights on the back will alternate red until the upgrade is complete. Do NOT interupt the power or remove the SD card while the lights are blinking.
  3. The firware upgrade is complete when both lights are green. The update should take less than thirty seconds.
  4. This next step is very Important: After the firmware upgrade has completed, do NOT press the power button, but instead press on the SD card to eject it. If you accidentally press the power button, wait at least 60 seconds to make sure the upgrade does not restart.
    vholdr contourhd firmware upgrade 1.34 upgrade complete
  5. Place the SD card back into the camera.

PART 3: Delete Firmware File

  1. Without turning your camera back on, reconnect your camera to your computer with your USB cable.
  2. Remove or delete the "salix.hd30.bin" file from your SD card.
  3. Eject/remove your camera and turn it on. Your camera's firmare has been upgraded!

PART 4: Update Easy Edit Software

  1. Install the new version of VholdR's Easy Edit™ Software.
  2. Start Easy Edit™ Software and connect your camera to your computer.
  3. Selecty your ContourHD camera in the left menu, then select "Configure Camera" from the Tools menu.

    vholdr contourhd easy edit software confirgure menu
  4. Select video and lighting tabs in the menu to modify these settings

Your camera is now upgraded and ready to go. See the Easy Edit™ Software FAQ for instructions on how to configure your settings.

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