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Drift HD Ghost

Drift Innovation has brought a mess of reliable and durable point of view cameras to the table, providing POV video enthusiasts with the equipment they need to put their audience into the action seat.

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Spearheading their lineup with the X170 Action Camera, Drift secured their place on the market, providing a camera that could take a beating, while capturing action packed footage from the point of view of the athlete behind the lens. The camera sports the trademark Drift, rubberized coating, creating a water resistant barrier and a shock absorbing quality that is welcome in conditions where wipeouts are second nature. Following the success of the X170, Drift introduced the HD170, which mimicked their previous camera design, while adding a few extremely welcome features, HD video and a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Now that the ball was rolling, Drift decided to add a few more upgrades to the lineup with the HD170 Stealth. As a response to consumer request, the body colour was changed from bright orange to a matte black, making it much more conducive for military and law applications. The Stealth still sports the durable, shock absorbent and water resistant rubberized coating, it just has a much more uniform and streamlined appearance. The other major addition to the HD170 Stealth was the processor chip upgrade, making the Stealth a pro at capturing buttery smooth, slow motion HD footage… making loads of ooooo's and ahhhh's inevitable.

Drift has no problem holding their own in the world of POV video because they are not afraid to keep up with demand. They listen to their customers and develop cameras based on the needs of their market. The HD170 is an ideal choice for an endless range of action sports, like sky diving, mountain biking, motocross, racing, skateboarding… and because it is housed in a dope, water resistant coat of armour, it also translates well to the world of snow sports… easily handling mud and snow.

You've gotta give Drift prop's, because they have consistently provided the marketplace with durable point of view cameras that can handle all of the bone shattering action you can throw at them. With the HD170 or the HD170 Stealth on your side… all you have to worry about is tearing it up, Drift will make sure it is all caught in HD.

We are the largest Drift camera supplier in Canada. You can even visit our Vancouver, BC office (9am to 4pm Mon-Fri) where we have stock and demo units of all the Drift cameras and accessories.

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