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Hoyt Tech HCR-100X

The new Hoyt Tech HCR-100X POV Camera has a CCD Image Sensor, Interchangeable Lenses, Small & Light, 8 GB Memory capacity.

Discontinued Notice


This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. This page is for product reference only.

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Hoyttech HCR-100X DVR and Camera Heady

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Product Description

Shoot Great Video.

The 1/3" CCD image sensor provides 500 TV lines of crisp color and a sharp picture in all lighting situations. Get amazing results shooting High Resolution 640 x 480 video at 30 FPS.

End the frustration of messy tangle of cords, large heavy unwieldy cameras.

About the size of a deck of cards the HCR-100X is a tiny unit that can fit in your shirt pocket. This complete camera recording system is compact! Using only a single water-tight cable this camera is easy to handle and light as well making it super easy to carry and move around all day.

Be Creative with the optional Interchangeable Lenses.

Use the optional lenses to achieve those sweeping wide-angle scenic shoots or the zoomed-in action shoots. Why let equipment hold you back? Unleash your creativity by adding additional lenses to the ever flexible HCR-100X.

Don't Worry with the Rugged Design

for harshest military requirements, extreme sports, and motorsports environments the HCR-100X handles it all while you film worry free.

Playback and Preview instantly.

The large built-in 2.5" display makes it easy to see what your video looks like as you are setting up the shoots or during filming. You can playback and view your videos on the same LCD screen or hook up the unit to your TV for larger than life picture.

Control playback with IR Remote Control

Playback using convenient IR Remote. Enjoy action packed viewing on TV or computer, with convenience and ease.


The Hoyt Tech HCR-100X Advantages:

1. CCD image sensor. HCR-100 works great on cloudy days when you're
under the tree canopy or late / early in the day.

2. Lens interchangeability. HCR-100X system is the only one that uses standard M12
lenses so you can swap wide and narrow lenses or any other specialty lens.

3. Size/Weight. Camera Head and DVR (recorder unit) are very small and light and the connecting cable is very compliant (flexible).

4. Memory Card Capacity: HCR-100 currently supports 4GB SD cards. An optional Firmware upgrade (Version 1.20.06HF) can be installed to allow support for 8GB SD/SDHC cards. To upgrade to the latest version, download and unzip the file and follow the included instructions.



The new HCR-100X is the latest in digital helmet cam technology. The HCR-100X is a complete, rugged and compact, high resolution camera and recorder system. The 1/3" CCD image sensor provides 500 TV lines of crisp color and a sharp picture in all lighting situations. 

The HCR-100X recorder is a high quality high resolution (640x480) recorder but resolution is only one of the factors that determine how your video will look. The frame rate and the compression type are just as important. A typical helmet cam video is a fast-motion video in which each frame is very different from the one before it and the one after it. When the video is compressed, you get compression artifacts or "pixellation". Our Advanced recording algorithm was designed specifically for fast-motion videos and results in a better picture with fewer compression artifacts. Unlike some inferior recorders, the  HCR-100X records at a high bitrate of 5-6Mbs @ 30 FPS in High resolution mode.

With the HCR-100X there's no need for bulky recorders, battery packs and no mess of tangled wires. The compact recording unit connects to the camera head via a single water-tight, detachable cable. The HCR-100X was designed from the ground up to be used in the harshest military, extreme sports, and motorsports environments.

Unlike some competitors, our camera can be used with interchangeable lenses. It comes with a 3.6mm (92 degree) wide angle lens standard but you can use any optional 2.9mm, 6mm and 8mm (39 degree) lenses for a wider or "zoomed-in" field of view.

Instantly playback recorded videos and watch them on the built-in 2.5" display or on your TV. Transfer files to your PC via the included USB SD card reader for editing and posting. With the optional analog A/V in cable, you can even record from your TV or VCR.


What's Included:

  • HCR-100 Digital Video Recorder with integral High Resolution Camera head and microphone.
  • 2400 mAh battery (2.5 hour life at max record rate)
  • HC-MNT2 Helmet Mount.
  • 1GB SD Card (expandable up to 8 GB)
  • AC power adapter/charger
  • USB SD Card Reader (transfer Files to PC)
  • A/V Out Cable (Playback videos through your TV)  
  • IR remote Control
  • User Manual and Software
  • Hard shell, foam lined carrying case. 



"It doesn't matter where I am, the HCR-100X never lets me down. It was definitely worth the investment, as now I can record all my crazy stunts and share with my friends!" - Mike H, CA, USA.

"The HCR 100X is my second helmet cam. I used to own an Oregon Scientific ATC2K Helmet Cam until my buddy lost it when he wrecked his sled. The Hoyttech has performed perfectly so far and I am very satisfied. I would recommend the Hoyt tech HCR 100X for anyone looking to buy a serious high end Helmet Cam." - Anonymous, WA, USA.


Manufacturer Hoyt Technologies
Image Sensor
High Resolution, 1/3" CCD
Effective Pixels
NTSC:768(H) x 494(V) PAL:752(H) x 582(V)
H. Resolution
500 TV Lines
Min. Illumination
Video output
1.0Vp-p Composite. 75 Ohms
S/N Ratio
More than 50 dB
Shutter Speed
NTSC:1/60.1/100,000 sec PAL:1/50.1/100,000
Gamma Correction
White Balance
Gain Control
Record Resolution
Selectable 640x480 or 640x240
Frame Rate
Selectable 5/10/15/20/25/30 FPS
Storage Media
SD Card (up to 4GB)
Battery Life
2400 mAh bat: 2.5 hours at max record rate
3.6mm (92 Deg)
Operating temp
Within 90% RH
101 x 66 x 27mm
Weight (approx)
188 grams
Cable / Mic
Length: 1.4 meter, water-tight, detachable cable with in-line microphone.


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