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Helmet Camera or Point Of View Camera?

Also called a point of view camera, these tiny video cameras intended specially for recording typically outdoor sports action scenes. These cameras go by so many different names. All these helmet cameras are designed to be easily mounted on all kinds of helmets using the included helmet (flat surface) mount or vented helmet mounts (straps).

Helmet mounted video cameras make use of wide angle lenses which allow shooting "right in the moment" action footage. As these cameras are mounted to the helmets, the audience can see and experience an immersive view from the perspective of the character. Helmet camera technology has just been embraced by many action sports fans and they have at the same time gotten their way into many job related uses for computer technicians, real estate agents, firemen and even many police tactical units.

Helmet cameras are specially designed so that they can be quickly attached or removed from sports helmets or other sports gear like surfboards. The resulting unique hands free approach to videography makes it incredibly useful to skiers, surfers, and motorbike aficionados as they are able to effortlessly record breathtaking videos without the need to jeopardize their well-being by taking their hands off their sports equipment.

One may begin to think whether these helmet cameras are able to withstand the rigors of rugged outdoor environments. Since these video cameras are designed to be "drop proof", water proof, shock resistant, and robust - they remain usable throughout the user's many expeditions and activities. No need to worry about loose debris or water hitting your helmet cam. These cameras for helmets are usually water resistant or even waterproof so there should be few concerns about environmental damage for most sports.

Best Selling Helmet Cameras

GoPro HD Helmet HERO

On Sale For: 289.99CAD
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GoPro HD Motorsports HERO

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GoPro HD Surf HERO

On Sale For: 279.99CAD
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ContourHD Camera

Regular Price: 274.99CAD

Special Price: 164.99CAD

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ContourGPS Camera

On Sale For: 329.00CAD
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Drift Innovation HD170 1080p Action Camera

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Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth Camera

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Regular Price: 649.00CAD

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VIO POV 1.5 Video Camera

Regular Price: 549.95CAD

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Liquid Image Scuba Series (Medium)

On Sale For: 279.95CAD
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Liquid Image Scuba Series Wide (Medium)

On Sale For: 399.00CAD
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Liquid Image Summit Series HD 335 Goggles

On Sale For: 288.99CAD
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Liquid Image Impact Series HD 365 Goggle Camera

On Sale For: 299.95CAD
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Hoyt Technologies MSR-200 HD MotorSports camera

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Oregon Scientific ATC9K

On Sale For: 299.00CAD
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Waterproof helmet cameras are customized for water sports such as kayaking, diving, wind surfing and kite boarding just to name a few. There is even a brand of high def diving mask video cameras.

As for mountain bikers, their past "helmet cameras" were full sized camcorders attached to their helmet which did not allow a full viewing experience for the audience. But, the latest designed point of view cameras are created to oppose not just the abuse of vibration but also any type of dirt, dust or water that mountain bikers are likely to come across.

These helmet cams are usually fitted either straight onto the front of the helmet or onto the side; depending upon the user's choice. As soon as a videographer activates the camera, the lens switches on and captures the scenery with automatic contrast, white balance and other settings. Video-recording will continue until the battery dies or the removable memory card is completely filled, or can be stopped at any time.

What if I'm not wearing a helmet?

Most of the helmet cams come standard or have optional mounts available making it possible to mount them on other parts of your body or right on your gear. Check out different mounting options in our camera accessories section.

Considering these kinds of helmet cams are lightweight, tiny and are very robust, their dollar value is quite remarkable. Starting at $99 for a GoPro Digital HERO at the low end, while mid priced HD cameras such as ContourHD, ContourHD 1080p and GoproHD Helmet Hero range from $250 to $300. High end models like the Vio 1.5 go for just over $500.

Helmet video cameras are accessible to anyone's price range requirement. It does not matter if you're a pro or weekend sports fan. A helmet camera is destined for you!

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