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PointOfViewCameras Canada carries the largest line up of POV camera systems, designed to help you get the most out of recording your epic moves out on the trails! Specializing in point of view videography, we stock a ton of wicked brand name wearable camcorders from excellent brands like GoPro, Contour, Drift Innovation, V.I.O. and Liquid Image - perfect for all of you extreme sports junkies. We are also proud to offer some unique new comers that are on the market, including some GPS enabled models, while providing all the killer accessories you're drooling over in order to crank your videos to that next level of awesome.

Our helmet camera selection ranges in price point, allowing us to provide you with the equipment you need - regardless of budget. But, it doesn't stop there, because we are video enthusiasts ourselves, so we've designed sport specific MegaPack bundles, providing you with everything you need to jump on that surfboard, catch your motorsport victories… whatever! We've taken the guess work out of it, so now all you need to do is rip it up - and share your videos with us.

Find Contour, GoPro, Drift Innovation, V.I.O. & Liquid Image cameras in Vancouver Canada at

PointOfViewCameras Canada is a Canadian company which means we ship your camera directly from our Canadian office in Vancouver. In fact we are the largest retailer of helmet cameras in Canada. If you're looking for a helmet camera in Vancouver, you can even drop by our office where we have all the action cameras and accessories in stock. This saves you money and time, because you aren't stuck with paying additional taxes and duties that are associated with international electronic purchases. We also offer free shipping for all of our North American orders over $99, so what are you waiting for? Order your point of view camera today and start filming your adventures. If you are a customer from the USA, please visit or if you are in the UK (free shipping here too).

On top of an excellent selection of wearable cameras that are as durable as you are, you get top notch customer service:

  • Toll free customer service 1-877-POV-CAM1 (1-877-768-2261) - What's with those companies that don't have an 800 number!?
  • Fast, response Live Chat
  • Added freebees, like our newly rewritten POV Filming Guide

Biking, motocross, surfing, snowboarding, skiing, pro's, amateurs, wipeouts, bails, wins, triumphs… it's all worthy of video. So, whether you're tossing yourself from a plane, diving into the depths of the ocean or kicking mud into the air, we have a point of view camera that'll fit pretty much anything you toss at it. We are Vancouver POV video fanatics and are stoked to help you choose the best action cameras in Canada so you can get your tail out there and start filming.

Remember, 'Video, or it Didn't Happen.' Play Safe.

Product Reviews

  1. Still Awesome Review by Brake

    Still have it, still love it. (Posted on 14-09-04)

  2. Tickety-Boo pretty much through and through Review by Rene Leroux

    I've been using it motorcycle touring...great for taking still pics on the effect is a bit of a bummer though. Rugged affair holds up to wet weather. I use it hooked up to the bike battery; with the remote ty-wrapped to the left hand controls. Powered 24/7, it's a set it and forget it situation. Always available when u need it, I don't even need to fiddle with it when I start off. Decent quality at a decent price. I bought it for loop and to catch something that just happened. I'm happy. (Posted on 14-06-16)

  3. File Size Review by Gimlet

    The 3gb limit is because of the fat 32 format of the card not the camera. Fat 32 is the standard format for all SD/Micro SD. There is tons of free software that will stitch the files together. (Posted on 14-04-14)

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