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Book of Hitcase - iPhone Tips & Tricks

The Book of Hitcase is a iPhone Tips and Tricks filming guide - your secret weapon to ensure you are utilizing the camera on your iPhone to its full potential. Get Ready to capture adventure like a PRO.

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Book of Hitcase - iPhone Tips & Tricks

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Product Description

This book will help you get the most out of your HITCASE. We will show you how to use the available mounts, to use your HITCASE in different weather conditions and to conserve your battery and storage. We will give you tips and tricks for getting the best-looking photos and videos possible. Prepare for creativity.

At over 60 pages of content we cover a lot of topics in great detail in many chapters. The chapters are:

1. Getting Started
2. Getting Great Images
3. Shooting Photos
4. Shooting Videos
5. Recording Sound
6. Editing Photos
7. Editing Videos
8. Mounting
9. In the Elements
10. Battery and Storage Conservation
11. Apps
12. Accessories
13. Caring for your HITCASE


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