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Liquid Image Scuba Series, Summit Series, Impact Series, Freestyle Series Camera Goggles and Masks

Liquid Image has brought convenience and adaptability to the world of point of view video with their unique camera designs, incorporating their high tech cameras into a functional dive masks, ski/snowboard, motocross and swim goggles. Fitting securely on your face like a regular dive mask or goggles would, these cameras capture your dive or ride… providing crisp, clear video from your perspective. The beautiful thing about these cameras is that they provide incredible quality recordings, without requiring the need to carry excess equipment and fit right into your gear bag.

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The Liquid Image brand dominates the dive camera market, with their ingenious approach on underwater filming. Offering cameras for every level of experience and budget, Liquid Image first appeared with the release of their Explorer Series swim mask camera in 2009, but they didn't stop there. Soon after, the company began to produce a variety of models, incorporating higher resolutions and deeper diving depths - this provided divers with the versatility they needed to go deeper, while retaining film quality. After the release of the Video Series which records at D1 resolution, the company dropped the bomb with 720p HD video with their Scuba Series. This enabled divers to share their experience with those at the surface, in brilliant, HD clarity. Offering a depth rating of up to 40 metres (130 ft), users can get the most out of shallow water snorkeling adventures to deep water scuba dives. Liquid Images cameras are accompanied by a long list of optional accessories such as coloured lens filters, you can be sure that you are getting the most out of your dives, regardless of the conditions.

The latest additions to the LIC family include the Summit Series, Impact Series and Freestyle Series of camera goggles, offering the Liquid Image difference for Skiers, Snowboarders, Motocross riders and Swimmers. Filming in HD through a wide angle lens, these cameras capture every thrilling moment you can throw at them - from your unique point of view.

Liquid Image offers an incredibly unique outlook into the worlds of underwater and snow sports, taking point of view video to that next crazy level - far above or far below the surface.

We are the largest Liquid Image camera supplier in Canada. You can even visit our Vancouver, BC (9am to 4pm Mon-Fri) office where we have stock and demo units of all the Liquid Image cameras.

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