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Liquid Image Freestyle Swimming Goggle Camera Review

Liquid Image created the first scuba mask with a built in camera, revolutionizing the way scuba videos are made. These scuba mask cameras eliminate the bulk and weight from previous diving mask filming solutions. With the camera incorporated into the mask, the diver can have both hands free.

Now with the introduction of the Liquid Image Freestyle swimming goggles, Liquid Image is tackling another segment of the watersports market. The Freestyle swim goggles allow you to capture stills or videos while swimming in the ocean or pool. You can even use these for snorkeling at shallow depths.

liquid image swim goggle

Freestyle Camera Specs

The Freestyles are lightweight, even with the embedded camera the masks does not weigh much more than regular goggles. On the left of the goggle is a high intensity LED for added brightness. These sleek, aerodynamic swim goggles look as good as any designer model.

The hands free Freestyle unit has a 1.3 MP (1280 x 960) camera mode and a video mode that records VGA video (640x480) at a rate up to 30 frames per second with audio. Liquid Image's Freestyle swim camera goggles are designed to be easy to operate. On the side is a button for On/Off/Mode and another button for the shutter. To record a photo or a video, simply turn on the camera, choose the mode, then press the shutter button. Indicator LED lights inside the goggle signal the mode to the user. The main buttons are positioned along the upper right side of the frame. A third button on the lower right side switches on a high power LED flashlight. The LED flashlight adds illumination underwater when required.

The 62 degree lens angle gives a point of view perspective and the white balance and sensitivity are preset for ease of use. Data is recorded onto the built in 4gb memory capable of 6000 still images at 1280x960 or 1:30hrs of video (1:05hrs with LED on) in jpeg video format.

Power is supplied by a built in lithium ion battery and the Freestyle swim goggle is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Pricing and Ship Date

liquid image freestyle swimming goggles

The Liquid Image Freestyle swim goggles will be around $79 and delivery will be around April 2010 but both could change when the camera is released. Bookmark this page and check back as we will be updating this page with more detailed info, ship date and prices as we get them.

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