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Liquid Image Wide Angle Videomask Scuba Cameras

Liquid Image changed the way diving videos are shot when they introduced their Scuba mask series of cameras last year. By integrating a video camera in the mask, scuba divers for the first time could experience hands free recording without excess bulk or weight.

The camera was a natural purchase for many sports divers. The benefit of a waterproof camera without carrying any extra gear was not lost on many. The Liquid Image masks are a great addition to your scuba equipment and ideal for casual dives. You get excellent hands free video with minimal hassle.

liquid image wide angle scuba mask cameras

Now Liquid Image has introduced a wide angle version of their popular videomask scuba cams. By ramping up the lens from 54mm to a much wider 135mm the videos captured encompass a more immersive "in the action" feel. The new models are the wide angle Videomask 312 (medium) and the wide angle Suba Videomask 322 (medium). The only difference between the two models are the video resolution of the camera. (They also make slightly larger versions of the mask for people with larger faces. Videomask models 313 (large) and Videomask models 323 (large)).

The wider lens gives a much broader field of view but there is some barrel distortion as is with all ultra-wide lenses so bear in mind when choosing your scuba mask camera. The wider lens addresses the main concern of the regular VideoMask cameras. Aiming the camera using the crosshairs can be difficult without some practice, producing video that is either too high or too low. A few minutes of testing and aiming practice should solve that problem but if you want less chance of error or simply would like a wider field of view the wide angle Videomask models 312 or Videomask 322 would be the solution.

All other specs remain the same as the Liquid Image Videomask 322 or 312 series of scuba mask cameras. Waterproof depth is good up to 130 ft/40meters meaning the Videomask series is perfect for snorkeling and shallow dives or free diving up to 130 feet.

Liquid Image Videomask 312/313

The 5mp cmos sensor can take high quality 2560x1920 stills and video at 720x480 D1 resolution at 30 fps.

This Liquid Image supports up to 16gb via SD/microSD cards allows recording up to 320 minutes of video and 22,400 stills.

Liquid Image Videomask 322/323

The 5mp cmos sensor can take high quality 2560x1920 stills and video at 1280x720 720P resolution at 30fps.

This Liquid Image supports up to 32gb via SD/microSD cards allows recording up to 320 minutes of video and 22,400 stills.

Like the previous Videomasks models the wide angle Liquid Image Videomasks use 2 AAA batteries for up to 2:20hrs of shooting. AAA batteries are a good design decision vs proprietary lithiums as you can buy replacement batteries no matter where you dive in the world. Alkalines work just as well albeit with a reduced recording time.

Auto white balance and preset ISO sensitivity make shooting easy; no fiddling with controls with gloves on.

The camera is extremely easy to use as it incorporates only two buttons for operation. You have an on/off button and a shutter select button, that's it. The power button besides turning the camera on and off toggles the camera between still image and video modes. The red shutter button allows users to take pictures and to start or stop video recording. A small LED display indicates which mode (still/video) the camera is in, whether a memory card is present, battery life, and the number of stored files. A blue light is used to indicate video, blinking when the VideoMask is recording. A red light shows that the camera is in still mode.

The integrated microphone seems tuned for underwater recording. We do recommend investing in the underwater filters Two additional upgrades for Liquid Image to consider is underwater color correction to prevent footage filmed at greater depths from having a green tint.

The low cost and ease of use may give some people the impression this is not a true dive mask. However, close inspection reveals the Liquid Image to be a rugged and durable mask. The mask features a sturdy plastic frame, tempered glass lenses, strap mounts, battery compartments on both sides, low volume transparent silicone skirt, and the camera itself.

In short, you get all the benefits of the Liquid Image Videomask including:
  • low weight
  • bulk free, no extra photo gear or case required
  • hands free, high res images
    -low cost, less than the price of some waterproof camera cases

All this with a much wider lens to capture more action and to allow more forgiving aiming.

The estimated price of Liquid Image Scuba HD322 Wide Angle Camera Mask is $350 The model 312 is priced at $200. There is also Wide Angle VideoMask model 313 that comes with a large silicon skirt. Both cameras are estimated to ship May 2010.

Bookmark this page as specifications and pricing on both models are estimated at this time. We will update with new information here as we get it.

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