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Fairburn 3D MultiPlate 1x3

The Fairburn Multiplate from MIO 3D is the perfect tool for perfecting 3D shooting. It’s multitude of mounting locations allow perfect alignment to capture 3D video with unparalleled depth. In addition it also features several sizes of threaded and non-threaded holes allowing endless mounting opportunities.

MIO 3D is a new simplified method of shooting, editing, and viewing 3D video. Offering fixed mounting points for 3 or more cameras in succession, the MIO 3D solves several problems in filming 3D video. Due to the fact that 3 cameras can be used, you are presented with a choice in InterOcular distances allowing the 3D effect to be just as pronounced depending how close or far away the subject is that you are shooting.

Product #: MP1X3

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MIO 3D Fairburn MultiPlate 1x3

Product Description

Introducing the MIO Fairburn 3x3 MultiPlate


If you hold your finger straight in front of your nose, you will notice how your one finger looks more like two. Now as you slowly draw your finger back from your face, you will notice how your finger now becomes one.

Where your finger became one is called Point of Convergence. Because cameras are fixed unlike your eyes that can move from crossed eyed to far apart, you have to decide on the general distance your subject will be while your a shooting. This will be the deciding factor on how far part you mount your cameras. If you have three cameras mounted you now have more choices on the alternating distances your subject can be while shooting.

Inter ocular, or “IO” is the distance between the lenses on two cameras which sets the scale of 3D for the viewer. Convergence is the point in the depth of the shot where the two or more cameras intersect the same place. One of the biggest problems with shooting 3D video is knowing where to set the convergence and IO requires a high degree of experience and expertise. There are many factors that must be considered, such as:

  • -What is the average screen size this will be viewed on for proper scale and 3D strength? Set by IO & C relationship.
  • -What is the distance to the subject and the distance to the background. Are they in safe range?
  • -What is the focal length and magnification of the lens and movement in the shot.

Once the cameras are aligned you have the choice of strong, medium, or weak 3D. By attaching cameras to the Mounting holes you can shoot conventional two camera 3D. By using the shooting method of MIO 3D you can attach more cameras (three or more) to give you choices later which pair to use and view later. This simple idea will change how we shoot 3D and make the process simple and easy for people wanting to get into 3D. You get to decide later which set combination works best. Give each camera a name:  left to right A cam, B cam, C cam. You are then presented three different points of view for 3D. 3D between cameras A and B, or cameras B and C will give you a 35mm IO, but from 2 different angles; the IO between AC will be 70mm, widening your field of view and changing the 3D effect.

The MultiPlate also  feature  picatinny rail mounts, and VESA mounts for mounting to monitors and monitor mounts. Coupled with many Arri standard tripod/camera mounts your mounting and creativity options are nearly endless. Several MultiPlates can even be attached together!

The 1x3 MultiPlate is essentially 1/3 of the 3x3 (4.5”x1.35”) and features 3 countersunk camera mounting positions at 35 mm and 70 mm spacing. It also includes a variety of standard VESA holes, Picatinny mounting positions, 3/8-16 threaded holes, and 1/4-20 threaded edge holes.


Manufacturer MIO 3D™ (Multiple InterOcular 3-D)
  • 3 Camera ¼ inch countersunk mounting Positions at 35 mm and 70 mm spacing
  • 12 Arri Standard threaded holes THREE ⅜-16 NINE ¼-20
  • 6 Picatinny mounting Positions 1 at 2” and 2 at 3” spacing
  • 3 Position VESA holes to attach to Monitor and Monitor mount
  • 12 ¼-20 threaded through EDGE holes 5 per edge at at 17.5 mm made from 6061 Aluminum with #3 Black Anodize surface
  • Weighs less than 1/4 lb
  • 114mm x 34.5 mm or 4.5 inch x 1.35 inch


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