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GoPro HD Helmet HERO

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GoPro HD Helmet HERO

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Dont be fooled Review by fred
I bought the SD camera close to a year a go to use in my car and on my sons helmet but I have had very little use of it yet. The specs on the cmera statethat you should get aout 3 hours of recording time on a set of lithium batteries but the truth is that you will get at most about 30 minutes of recording time. That's 7 - 9 dollars every 30 minutes to use this camera.
I did give support every opertunity to correct the problem. I sent my camera back twice (whch they said they replaced with a new one yet they had the same markings on them that I put on them) and finaly made them send me another one before I sent the last one back. The result... I now have two cameras that go through a set of batteries every 30 minutes. Their response... "...have you tried lithium bateries?".

Bottom line... if you dont mind canging bateries every 30 minutes go for it. Otherwise, dont waste your money. (Posted on 11-02-25)
Love it! Review by skiwakeboard
Very happy with this camera. Use it mostly for skiing and on a couple of hikes. When the sun is out the video's are amazing.
(Posted on 10-12-22)
Totally Awsome Review by Pokey76
I do alot of back country sledding and the HD GOPRO is the ticket. NO loss of terraine while sledding through mogals,jumps, or just in deep powder.Wide angle view , no adjustments, turn on and enjoy the ride over and over again. It truely shows the acual terrain your riding.The best camera ever. (Posted on 10-10-16)
Awesome Review by Ricky
Bought this cam after watching videos of it on youtube and it was the best purchase i've made in a long time. (Posted on 10-07-13)
Like this camera Review by Axel
I have used the camera on a kayak, bike, in an airplane and powerboat. It has operated without any problems in all these circumstances where it has got wet and bounced around a lot. The video quality is very good, just be careful with the angle of light as the wide view can result in lens flare. Overall, strongly recommended. (Posted on 10-06-30)
Wow! Review by Bozzy
Got mine for a trip to Colorado to go skiing. Have now 4 days on four separate mountains, best gadget I have ever bought. No complaints at all, no viewfinder? who cares, you point in the general direction and the wide angle lens picks up.
Battery? I got an extra with my megapack, 2.5 hours filming no problem with space on the 16GB card it came with, thing rocks!! litterally just freaking rocks!!

If you are ever stopped at the side of the ski run with cold hands filming your buddies by one.

if you are always saying ah crap that was awesome wish we had filmed it.. buy one.

Litterally just buy one. Also youtube: pickadolla007 watch what hes done with his camera, mounting the camera on a stick and film yourself and your buddies, bloody brilliant, works way better than you could ever imagine and you need approx 3' of stick to mount the thing on to get yourself in frame with your board and the run.

WICKED TOY!!! buy one now!

(Posted on 10-03-09)
holy s***. Review by monztur
I've had a lot of neat cameras and gadgets be this beats them all. the quality is fantastic blow my sony hd camera away. well built tough, waterproof ,small, amazing. (Posted on 09-12-26)
Awesome Review by skiwakeboard
Got my last week, went out yesterday and did 1 hour of filming. Put it on my 3 1/2 year old's ski helmet and then my own. Video is awesome! Very happy with the product, looking to but a 2nd battery and suction mount for the car! (Posted on 09-12-25)
crisp video Review by skydawg53
The video is good in both 720p and 960p, but the 1080p is out of this world! I just got one a couple of weeks ago and did a few test runs to check out the quality and it is beyond my expectations. Amazing quality and image stabilization! The 5mp pictures are great too.
Buy one and enjoy! (Posted on 09-12-22)
Make sure you have at least a Class 4 SD Card Review by Dave A.
Greate camera!! Just make sure you're using at least a Class 4 or Class 6 SD card when shooting 1080p resolution! Camera would stop shooting video after 7-15 seconds when using low class card. Using Scandisk Extreme 3, expensive but worth it. The MaxFlash card I bought wouldn't work. (Posted on 09-12-03)
da bomb Review by weasel
must get camera.... (Posted on 09-11-10)
A+++++++ Review by Dhracer33
I was fortunate enough to be able to try out a pre-production version of the GoPro HD Helmet HERO, and holy mother of god was I blown away. If you liked the original Helmet HERO, than you MUST check out one of these cameras. The quality is absolutely killer, with a huge improvement on the light metering. The low light performance is now solid, and the issue with the sun (black dot) is taken care of. You will not believe how crisp the image is, even on a 60" flat screen TV. Don't let the size of this camera fool you, it's performance range is HUGE. Sign me up for 2! :-) (Posted on 09-10-04)

12 Item(s)

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