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Providing high quality, affordable helmets, SixSixOne has a knack for exceeding safety requirements without compromising comfort or style. Features like injection molded shells and conforming EPS (extruded polystyrene) foam liners increase the feeling of protection by creating a snug, sturdy, lightweight fit. SixSixOne also offers several unique helmet designs allowing you to freely express your individuality, while keeping your head confidently shielded from anything the trail might throw your way.

With models suitable for extreme biking and others ideal for heavier Moto Sports, SixSixOne provides a crash replacement policy for many of their models, just in case heavy impact cracks or shatters the shell. SixSixOne helmets feature removable liners, making the task of cleaning and keeping your helmet looking new much easier. With unparalleled quality and outstanding affordability, there is no question why SixSixOne is the go to choice for all kinds of riders. Looking to up your performance and your style? Of course you are... check out our supreme selection and find your perfect fit.

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