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SixSixOne Evolution Carbon Nouveau Full Face Bike Helmet

Carbon Fiber technology and contour forming EPS foam combine in SixSixOne's Carbon Nouveau Full Face Helmet, providing supreme strength and protection while giving this helmet an incredibly light and personalized fit. This helmet is also equipped with superb ventilation and a lightweight fibreglass shell making it so comfortable, you might even forget that it’s strapped to your head.

SixSixOne Evolution Carbon Nouveau

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Product Description

New for 2010: SixSixOne Evolution Carbon Nouveau

A superior mash of Carbon Fiber technology and shape conforming EPS foam produce an extremely durable helmet that hugs the curves of your head. The Evolution Carbon Nouveau Full Face Bike Helmet is in a class of its own, providing serious protection with a Carbon Fiber mesh strategically positioned within the fiberglass shell, creating a featherweight helmet with a superb ability for absorbing the shock of an epic spill.

This full face design meets ASTMF 1952 and CPSC standards for bicycle helmets and is also eligible under the SixSixOne crash replacement policy. Keeping your head cool with SixSixOne’s Full Helmet Venting System, this lid virtually disappears once it’s on your head, providing an increased feeling of freedom. Offered at a terrific price point, the Evolution Nouveau Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet delivers the best in quality, comfort and value, without sacrificing the element of ‘cool.’ You already know you’re King of the trails, so crown yourself with the Evolution Nouveau Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet!

Key Features

  1. Strategically positioned Carbon Fiber mesh within a fiberglass shell; extremely lightweight with top notch shock absorption.
  2. Custom matched visor with aluminum mounting screws.
  3. EPS (extruded polystyrene) foam inner liner conforms to your head giving you a personal fit.
  4. Coolmax covered liner to wick away perspiration.
  5. FHVS (Full Helmet Venting System) provides superior ventilation, keeping your head cool.

Meets ASTMF 1952 and CPSC standards for bicycle helmets.

Crash replacement policy in place, for those ‘invincible’ moments. (See owners manual for details.)

SixSixOne Evolution Carbon Key Features

SixSixOne Evolution Carbon Helmet Size Chart

Small (S)
Medium (M)
Large (L)
Extra Large (XL)
54 - 56 cm
21 ¼ - 22 in

56 - 58 cm
22 - 22 ⅞ in

58 - 60 cm
22 ⅞ - 23 ⅝ in
60 - 62 cm
23 ⅝ - 24 ½ in


Manufacturer SixSixOne
  • FHVS (Full helmet venting system) to make for a cooler ride.
  • Carbon fiber mesh strategically positioned within fiberglass shell for lighter weight.
  • EPS foam inner liner conforms to your shape.
  • Crash replacement policy.
  • Meets ASTMF 1952 and CPSC standards for bicycle helmets.

Customer Reviews

  1. Evolution Carbon Review Review by Chafed

    I bought this helmet a few months ago and use it for all of my downhill ripping. There is a lot of ability for head movement because the helmet is so light that you barely notice it. The ventilation is amazing, which is great for me because I sweat bullets. I've taken one good ass over teakettle biff and it held up perfectly, my ego was more bruised than my body. All in all for me it was a great buy for the value (Posted on 10-04-26)


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