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SixSixOne Evolution Full Face Bike Helmet

Mixing comfort and style with safety and affordability, SixSixOne’s hard-wearing Evolution Full Face bike helmet features shock absorbing, hand-layered fiberglass construction topped off with your choice of unique graphic design. The Evolution feels like a custom helmet, but costs considerably less.

SixSixOne Evolution Striped White/Black/Cyan

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Product Description

SixSixOne Evolution Full Face Helmet

Sitting pretty as a terrific option in SixSixOne’s line up, the Evolution Full Face Helmet provides riders with a superb mixture of affordable safety and comfortable style. Perfect for a range of activities including downhill mountain biking and bmx riding, it’s even a suitable option for hard charging skiing. The lightweight Evolution is durably crafted from hand-layered, shock-absorbing fiberglass and meets ASTMF 1441, ANSI Z90-4, CPSC and CE bicycle standards.

The Full Helmet Venting System keeps air flowing over your head ensuring a cool ride, while the EPS foam interior conforms to the shape of your head, providing a secure, personal fit. In addition to all of these wicked features, the evolution boasts the Coolmax liner which is designed to wick away perspiration and keep your head dry. With several funky designs to choose from at an extremely attractive price point, there is no wonder why the Evolution is SixSixOne’s go to helmet for so many folks.

Plus with the ability to mount a Helmet Camera on the top, the side, or even on the jaw protector, unique filming and photo angles are never hard to capture!

When versatility and style are as important to you as safety and protection, you can trust SixSixOne’s quality construction, just take look at the features and you will see what we mean...

Key Features

SixSixOne Evolution Key Features
  1. Hand layered fiberglass shell absorbs the shock from heavy impacts.
  2. Customer matched visor with aluminum mounting screws.
  3. EPS (extruded polystyrene) foam inner liner conforms to your head giving you a personal fit.
  4. Coolmax covered liner wicks away perspiration, keeping your head dryer and cooler.
  5. FHVS (Full Helmet Venting System) provides superior ventilation, keeping your head cool.

Meets ASTMF 1441, ANSI Z90-4, CPSC & CE bicycle standards.

Crash replacement policy in place, for those ‘invincible’ moments. (See owners manual for details.)

SixSixOne Evolution Helmet Size Chart

Small (S)
Medium (M)
Large (L)
Extra Large (XL)
54 - 56 cm
21 ¼ - 22 in

56 - 58 cm
22 - 22 ⅞ in

58 - 60 cm
22 ⅞ - 23 ⅝ in
60 - 62 cm
23 ⅝ - 24 ½ in


Manufacturer SixSixOne
  • Hand layered fiberglass, painted outer shell with graphics.
  • FHVS (Full helmet venting system) make for a cooler ride.
  • EPS foam inner liner conforms to your shape.
  • Coolmax covered liner to wick away perspiration.
  • Crash replacement policy.
  • Meets ASTMF 1441, ANSI Z90-4, CPSC & CE bicycle standards.

Customer Reviews

  1. REW Review by loeden

    very good helmet (Posted on 10-07-04)


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