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GoPro Surf HERO Mount

Surf HERO Expansion Kit. This GoPro Adhesive Mount kit is perfect for mounting your HERO or other quick-release HERO camera on to a surfboard.

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GoPro Surf HERO Mount

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Product Description

Includes all of the mounting accessories from the Surf HERO camera, minus the water proof housing and camera. Perfect for mounting your Helmet HERO or other quick-release HERO camera on to a surfboard.

Tested and approved by pro surfers in Macking Puerto, Northern California, and Hawaii, the Surf HERO is a revolutionary quick-release board-mountable camera.

The Surf HERO includes two, removable mounting options:
1. A stick-on baseplate that takes a couple of minutes to set up and go.
2. An FCS™ compatible plug mounting system that allows you to allen-screw your camera into the deck of your board when you install an FCS™ center fin plug into the deck of your board. Easily done by any ding repairer or shaper.

Both options allow the camera to be quickly attached and removed from your surfboard.

Compatible with all GoPro Quick-Release Housing for Standard, Wide, and HD models. NOT compatible with GoPro Wrist Housing.

What's Included:
* 1 High-Impact, 3M™ Adhesive Mounting Disc
* 1 Rubber Quick-Release Stopper Lock


UPC 185323000200
Manufacturer GoPro


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