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Vholdr ContourHD Action Camera

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Contourhd cameras from Vholdr came onto the scene with a bang in mid 2009. For the first time you could get a HD action camera for the same price as a standard definition helmet cam. The Contourhd camera shoots at 720p HD resolution, giving you sharp, crisp video at a entry camera price point. The 720p video at 60 frames per second is incredibly smooth, some examples on our site will give you an idea of how amazing that looks.

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Essentially the Contourhd has all the things you want in a premium camera at a lower cost. You have a super wide 135 degree angle lens to capture more of the action. You get a tough, weather resistant aluminum housing with a ton of mounting options and accessories. You get customization options using the Easy Edit software to dial in your contrast, exposure, metering, and microphone gain, making the ContourHD the world’s most configurable HD wearable camcorder.

The Contourhd cam is also one of the lightest action cameras around, weighing only 4.3 ounces. It is light enough to mount onto your helmet for hours; you won't even know it's there. The camera was designed from the ground to be small and lightweight. Hints to that are in cell phone components used in the Contourhd camera from the microSD card to the Nokia type cell phone batteries.

The Contourhd represented the first salvo in the HD resolution wars among helmet camera manufacturers and you are the beneficiary of such intense competition. The Contourhd is certainly the camera to choose when you want to start with a no muss, no fuss action camera. The Contourhd Megapack is an even better option as you get extra mounts and accessories at a big discount. Time to get out and make some action videos!

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