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V.I.O. POV.HD Advanced 1080p Point of View Camera

V.I.O. POV cameras have set the standard for helmet cameras since 2000 when it was known as Viosport. The company essentially invented the hands free sports camera niche and continued to innovate POV cams for the extreme sports and law enforcement and tactical markets.

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V.I.O.'s previous top end camera, the V.I.O POV.1.5 inspired many action sport enthusiasts to take the rugged hands free camera to document their wild adventures. Action adventurers from mountain bikers, motocross riders, skiers, snowboarders and motorcyclists used the top end POV 1.5 cam to record high quality videos and share them on Youtube.

What made the POV.1.5 so special has been passed onto V.I.O.'s latest premium camera, the POV.HD. At first glance the POV HD doesn't look too much different than the ealier VIO camera. The POV.HD has the same road proven camcorder enclosure, bright 2" viewfinder LCD, mud and waterproof external camera lens and excellent sound recording that so many outdoor enthusiasts loved about the POV.1.5.

As per it's namesake the V.I.O. POV.HD shoots at a full 1080p (1920 x 1080) 24/25/30fps and 720p (up to 60fps) resolution. What makes it stand out from the other HD action cams out there is the new Texas Instruments Da Vinci digital image processing chip. This incredible IC is an unprecidented video quality innovation with unsurpassed image processing capabilities. The Da Vinci is designed for real time video correction and fixes the most important elements for extreme sports shooters. The chip corrects three important image problems, camera lens distortion, vignetting and corrects lens softness with real time sharpening. This means that you can get excellent video straight from the video camera without wasting time making fixes in post.

VIO's innovative design and highly regarded action video cameras are widely used nowadays by users in all sorts of fields but are beloved by people recording Vio's POV cameras also are popular among military, law enforcement and homeland security agencies.

The VIO POV.HD package includes:

  • POV.HD camcorder with LCD preview/playback
  • Wide angle camera head with 1.5 meter cable
  • Wireless remote control with wrist band
  • Patented Star Mount with adhesive Mounting Foam, adhesive backed Velcro and Rare earth magnets
  • Goggle strap mount system with zip ties and Velcro strips
  • Rugged and compact carrying case for camera and accessories
  • 4GB SD card
  • LCD protective cover
  • USB cable for computer connection
  • LVDS cable
  • Analog A/V cable for connecting to TV
  • AA batteries
  • CD with tutorials and Quick Start Guide

The VIO POV HD is one fine instrument, the Rolex of the helmet camera industry.
Additional V.I.O. POV mounting accessories are available in our store.

We are the largest V.I.O. camera supplier in Canada. You can even visit our Vancouver, BC office (9am to 4pm Mon-Fri) where we have stock and demo units of all the V.I.O. cameras.

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