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Free Memory Upgrade for the V.I.O. POV.1 Camera (Firmware)

The POV.1 camera system now supports memory cards up to 8GB with the free memory upgrade available from VIO.

vio firmware upgrade

In order to download the 4GB & 8GB SDHC card firmware upgrade please go to the Firmware Upgrade page on the VIO website.

This highly anticipated upgrade will allow global POV.1 users to use 1, 2, 4 & 8GB SDHC cards with their systems; increasing users recording capacity to new levels in the Wearable Video industry.

Settings & Recording Time

Quality Settings 4GB SDHC Card 8GB SDHC Card
High 720x480, 30fps, high 3 hours 6 hours
Middle (Default) 640x480, 30fps, high 3 hours 6 hours 25min
Lowest 320x240, 15fps, low 16 hours 31 hours

Any questions? Please contact us at 1-877-POV-CAM1

Once you have completed the easy upgrade you can use one of the following SDHC memory cards

MaxFlash 4GB SDHC Card

Regular Price: 10.99CAD

Special Price: 5.49CAD

You Save: 5.50CAD (50%)

Out of stock

MaxFlash 8GB SDHC Card

Regular Price: 16.49CAD

Special Price: 8.79CAD

You Save: 7.70CAD (47%)

Out of stock

To make the transfer of video files easier we recommend the memory card reader

USB 2.0 SD Memory Card Reader

Regular Price: 6.59CAD

Special Price: 1.98CAD

You Save: 4.61CAD (70%)

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