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Drift Stealth 2

  • So small, light - you’ll forget it’s there!.
  • Lasts the whole journey - over 3h of recording time.
  • Results of 6 years long tests by motorcycles

Product #: 10-006-00

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Drift Stealth 2

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Product Description


The Drift Stealth 2 Action Camera features a 40% reduction in weight compared to the HD Ghost model while retaining 1080p30, 720p60, 12-megapixel stills, and slow-motion recording capability. The camera body is water-resistant, meaning it can be used in rain, snow, or mud, and is shock resistant for drops from up to 6.6'. Of note for winter sports users, it can withstand freezing temperatures down to 14°F. For underwater use there is a 131' housing, which is available separately. On the side panel the Stealth 2 features a color-coded status display screen to help you keep track of parameters such as battery life, record status, and more. The camera records to microSD/SDHC memory cards up to 32GB in capacity.

Bundled with the camera is a flat adhesive mount for semi-permanent attachment to a variety of smooth, flat surfaces, as well as a curved adhesive mount which is ideal for helmets. There is also a goggle mount, plus a "Universal Clip" that acts as a quick-release working in conjunction with the other mounts so you can remove the camera without taking the mount itself off. In addition, a range of separately available mounts from Drift allow you to adapt the camera to work in just about any setup.

Key Benefits

  • Supports 1080p30, 720p60 + Slow Motion.
  • Capture 12MP Photos.
  • Wide 135° Field-of-View Lens.
  • Camera Water and Shock Resistant.
  • Wi-Fi for Remote Monitoring and Control.
  • Time Lapse and Burst Photo Modes.
  • Lens Rotates up to 300°.
  • Optional 131' Underwater Housing.
  • Multi-Colored LED Status Display.
  • Flat and Curved Adhesive Mounts Included.

Multiple Recording Formats

The Stealth 2 records in the following frame rates and resolutions:

  • 1080p: 30, and 25 fps
  • 960p (4:3): 30, and 25 fps.
  • 720p: 60, 50, 30, and 25 fps.
  • WVGA (800 x 480): 120, 100, 60, 50, 30, and 25 fps.

Lens Rotatable up to 300°

For cases where the camera is mounted at an angle - even on its side - the lens can be manually rotated up to 300° to restore a level shot

Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Drift Connect app available for Android and iOS devices allows you to remotely monitor your shots, enable record start/stop, and take still photos. It features a range of up to 33'

Time-Lapse and Photo Burst Modes

In addition to taking 12-megapixel photos in single shot mode, the Stealth 2 can take a photo burst lasting up to five seconds. In addition, a time lapse mode takes photos at intervals in 3-megapixel resolution, giving you an image size that is close in resolution to 1080p for easy incorporation in video projects

Simultaneous Photo

While recording video, pressing the "Mode" button will simultaneously take a 2-megapixel still photo

Video Tagging

When activated, this feature allows the camera to continuously record video, while only saving the parts that get tagged by pressing the "Mode" button. The length of the clip surrounding the tag point can be user-defined. For example, selecting "30 seconds" means the previous 30 seconds, current 30 seconds, and next 30 seconds will all be saved resulting in a 90-second clip

Note: A microSDHC card with at least 4GB of free space is required for this feature to function correctly

Built-In Three Hour Battery

The built-in, USB-rechargeable battery features a capacity of 1500mAh and is estimated to last up to three hours

Multi-Colored Status LEDs

Status LEDs located above the camera lens indicate the current camera mode by displaying a different color: green for video, yellow for photo, magenta for timelapse, cyan for photo burst

Waterproof Housing Compatible

The Stealth 2 is inherently splash resistant for use in the rain, snow, or mud. If you plan to use the camera in the water, there is a separately available housing that is rated for 131'

Two-Way Remote Control Compatible

The two way remote control not only allows you to operate settings such as record start/stop and take photos, it also provides a status display that recreates what is seen on the camera's own status display, allowing you to keep track of recording times and other parameters

What's Included

  • [1] Drift Stealth 2
  • [1] Universal Clip
  • [1] Goggle Mount
  • [1] Curved Adhesive Mount
  • [1] Micro USB Cable
  • [1] Limited 1-Year Warranty


MPN 10-006-00
UPC 610696084477
Manufacturer Drift
Video - Resolution 1920x1080
Video - Sensor Type CMOS
Video - Codec H.264


0.463, 0.42, 0.043/81,